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Domino's Pizza Day: Nov 16, 2014

Order one of these two great meals on our designated Pizza Day and by using one of the two promo codes a portion of the sale supports the London Skating Club. Medium promo code = 3361, Large promo code = 4361.


Mabels Labels: Ended Oct 19, 2014

A sticky opportunity has arrived at the London Skating Club and we want you to get excited as we are!  Read on…

The London Skating Club Fundraising Committee has teamed up with  to offer you a chance to support your club and earn credits towards your future LSC registration fees.

If you work hard it is totally possible to “Skate for Free”.

An email will be sent out to all registrants in the near future asking you to JOIN this great opportunity.  It will also provide you with details on how you can Skate for Free.

For those of you wishing to capitalize on all those folks out there getting ready to label their kids back to school items…


And here’s how you do it…

Steps to becoming an LSC Mabel’s Label fundraiser:

  1. Please visit
  2. Scroll down and Click “Join Now” near the right side of the page by October 19th, 2014.
  3. Enter in your profile information. If you are under 13, please ask your parents to create the page for you. Please do not include a photo of yourself, but rather a generic one.
  4. Receive the “Welcome” email and get started, visit your Fundraiser page and select the “Manage” tab.
  5. Promote your special page to friends and family! All orders made through your personal page will be credited towards you!

Have questions, we have answers – email Heather will be happy to help you get started.

London Knights 50/50 Draw: Sept 12, 2014

A big thank you to the following volunteers that helped to sell 50/50 tickets at the September 12, 2014 London Knights game and to help the event to be a big success:

Kelly Farmer (event lead organizer)

Tina Farren (organizing the event license)

Josee Smale, Kylie Smale, Julia Chadwick, Rheonna Murray, Angela Murray, Jermaine Murray, Nathan Farren, Brandon Smiley, Joe Chetcuti, Dave Mason, Gwen Olar, Lynda Davies, Victoria Parker, Ashley McGarry, Greg Komarnicky, Steve Komarnicky, Emily Vandenberg, Patsy Brown, Alyssa Nicholls, Randy Allensen, Steven VanDinther, Shannine VanDinther, Keira VanDinther, Anne Guerra, Chris Guerra, Amy Gleig, Ava Gleig, Randy Allensen.