The Ontario Skaters’ Promotional Contest

Tickets Due Feb 1, 2016

***The 2016 Winning Numbers are now posted on the Western Section page at***

The goal of the London Skating Club is to provide affordable programming for all skaters at the London Skating Club. Without your help, this won’t be possible.

This program is a wonderful opportunity for skaters and clubs throughout the Province of Ontario to fundraise and create public awareness of the sport of figure skating. This is the club’s only major fundraiser. Over half of proceeds collected from the sale of the booklet go directly to the London Skating Club to off-set ice expenses, which in turn helps not only your skater, but all members of the London Skating Club. The balance of the proceeds support skaters across Ontario with items such as bursaries, seminars, etc.

The Promotional Contest campaign is coordinated by Skaters’ Marketing of the Western Ontario Section, Northern Ontario Section, Eastern Ontario Section and Central Ontario Section. 


A Promotional Contest with tickets distributed in Ontario. There are 20 tickets per book. The suggested donation is $2.00 per ticket. Value of the book is $40.00.


- The first two skaters per family registering at the London Skating Club in any CanSkate, StarSkate or AdultSkate skating program must purchase a ticket book from the London Skating Club for $40 upon registration.

- Skater will recieve their Promotional Contest Booklet at one of the skating sessions in the fall.

- Skaters/parents sell the tickets for $2 each between booklet receipt and the end of January.  You keep the money from these sales, so in essence this costs you nothing, but helps your skater/club.

** Skaters/parents are responsible to return the ticket stubs to the CanSkate session table or the London Skating Club office (at Nichols Arena, down the hall from 'A' Pad) no later than February 1, 2016.  **

- Returned ticket stubs will be submitted for the final draw at the Skate Ontario Championships on March 14, 2015 at the Cassie Campbell Community Centre in Brampton.

If you sell all your tickets and would like to purchase an additional booklet, please contact the office.


A portion of the proceeds of ticket sales stays with the club, to offset ice fees. The remainder goes to support Ontario skaters with bursaries, seminars, and special programming. 

2015 Contest Prizes

  • First Prize: 50th Anniversay Ford Mustang (est. Value $30,000)
  • Second Prize: 55”Flat Panel Entertainment System (est. Value $5,000)
  • Third Prize: $3,500.00 Travel Certificate
  • Fourth Prizes: Win 1 of 5 Apple MacBook Air 13” computers with computer bag
  • Fifth Prizes: Win 1 of 5 Apple iPad Mini’s with Retina 16GB WiFi

A total of 13 prizes will be awarded!

Thank you for participating in the 2016 Ontario Skaters’ Promotional Contest Booklet.

Several years ago, the London Skating Club sold the winning ticket for the grand prize of an automobile!