Synchronicity Spring Try-Outs For the 2017-2018 Skating Season

Registration available online NOW!

Registration instructions:

Read try-out descriptions carefully below, and be sure to register for the correct session based on your year of birth. (Note that these tryouts do NOT include the Adult I, II or III teams - click HERE for Adult tryout/workshop info.)

Pay online using Visa, Mastercard, or London Skating Club credit vouchers (gift certificates) OR select "Pay in Person" during checkout to pay by cash or cheque at the registration table on April 18/27, or to make arrangements to pay by debit/Interac or American Express in the London Skating Club office.

Download and complete the Synchronicity Registration Form HERE

Print, complete, and bring Registration Form to the registration table on April 18, along with a printed copy of your invoice, and any necessary payment.

If you have a current Skate Canada Membership with another club, and another Skate Canada membership fee is added to your invoice, please indicate this (including name of your home club) in the Comments section on the checkout page. Once verified, the membership fee will be removed from your invoice, and fees refunded if paid by credit card.

Register online for 2017-18 Synchronicity Tryouts
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 Download a printable PDF of the tryout schedule HERE

Age Requirements Dates Time  Location


(Includes both sessions)

Ages 6 - 9 years of age (or younger)

(Birth years 2008-2011)

If born after 2011, attendance is at the coaches' discretion

Tue Apr 18 &
Thu Apr 27 2017

5:00-5:50 pm Nichols Arena 'A' Pad


Ages 10 - 13 years of age

(Birth years 2004-2007)

Tue Apr 18 &
Thu Apr 27 2017
6:00-7:20 pm Nichols Arena 'A' Pad


Ages 14-18 years of age

(Birth years 1999-2003)

Tue Apr 18 &
Thu Apr 27 2017
7:30-8:50 pm Nichols Arena 'A' Pad


 NOTE that any skater wishing to attend tryouts MUST have completed CanSkate Stage 3 or eqivalent.

Synchronicity is looking to field the following teams for the 2017 – 2018 skating season: 

  • Beginner I  
  • Beginner II 
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Juvenile
  • Juvenile
  • Pre-Novice
  • Novice
  • Intermediate

*Decisions about the categories fielded, will be based on numbers of eligible skaters in each category
*Eligibility for, and placement on each team, will be determined by age and skating tests passed
*Preference will be given to those skaters who continue to work diligently on their individual skating skills

  • Out-of-club skaters are always welcomed
  • All skaters must provide a current & valid Skate Canada number
  • Skaters without a current & valid Skate Canada number can register with their home club or with London Skating Club upon registration.
  • Skaters attending auditions without a current & valid Skate Canada number will not be allowed on the ice.
  • More try-outs may be held in the case of new skaters moving to the area
  • Skaters should attend the level that matches their age / birth year
  • Coaches will move/assign skaters as necessary
  • Skaters may try out for multiple teams, as long as the age requirements are met
  • Skaters are expected to attend both sessions as try-out fees are not pro-rated for any reason

Try-Out Notes:

  • Please attend auditions dressed in a black legs and black top
  • Absolutely no pants or “hoodies” (that is, a jacket with a hood)
  • Skaters will be asked to demonstrate a variety of skating skills, from free skate to dance (Specific skills are detailed in the sections below)
  • The coaching staff will evaluate strength, flow, speed, stamina, power, posture, and the ability to project or “present” to an audience.  
  • At each session, experienced skaters may be asked to instruct new skaters in footwork and step sequences.
  • In addition to the specific skating skills mentioned, coaches will evaluate skaters’ ability to learn quickly, their sense of music, and the extent to which they blend with other skaters.
  • Time frames for skaters during try outs is to better distribute numbers of skaters on the ice - Coaches will move/assign skaters as necessary

Skills - Skaters auditioning for Synchronicity should be prepared to perform some or all of the following:

  • Any skater wishing to attend tryouts MUST have completed CanSkate Stage 3 or eqivalent.
  • Skating with good quality push and knee action
  • Cross cuts
  • Basic turns (three’s and Mohawks) – On both feet and in both directions
  • Choctaws, counters, brackets, rockers (both feet)
  • Twizzles (single, 11/2 and double, both feet)
  • Spins (basic one foot spin, back spins)
  • Russian Stroking
  • Spread eagles (both edges, both directions)
  • Ina Bauer (both edges, both directions)
  • Spirals (both edges, both feet) and be able to maintain the proper position for a period of time
  • Spiral Variations
  • Continuous turns (forward & backward)


 If you are interested in skating with our teams and would like more information, please contact London Skating Club Synchronicity at