Welcome to our NEW Website

August 2014

The London Skating Club highly values our community of skaters, families and coaches and the support that our community has provided to our Club over its long history is exemplary. To continue this strong tradition, the Club's Board of Directors took the decision this summer to invest in a new next-generation Club, Athlete and Coach management system. Over the next several months, the functionality provided by this sytem will be progressively deployed, and over time will provide the following benefits:

  • Online registration for a family of skaters
  • Real time program availability and wait lists
  • Pay by installments using credit cards
  • Automated discounts for family and multi-program registrations
  • Online program calendars that are updated in real-time
  • Online athlete profiles
  • Elevate the confidence and capabilities of athletes by tracking their long-term development every step of the way
  • Take attendance and track class, group and individual skill evaluations
  • Enhanced communication between coaches and athletes

With registration season upon us, the Club has elected to focus on the registration module of our new system first. The implementation of our new registration system has required many hours of work by our volunteers and the Club is very appreciative of these efforts. As with any new system, their may be some growing pains and should you experience any difficulties or have a question about any charges on your invoice, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office.

DISCOUNTS: There are 2 discounts that skaters may be entitled to. The first is a multi-session discount. If a skater enrols in 2 or more FULL YEAR (Fall/Winter - Sept/Oct through March) sessions, then a 5% discount will automatically be deducted from your invoice when you register online*. The second discount is a large family discount where a 10% discount is given to the 3rd and greater skaters in the family (discount applies to the skaters with the lowest fees). Our online system is currently unable to process this discount automatically. If this discount applies to your family, then please contact our office and we will manually rebate this discount to you. 

SESSION QUALIFICATIONS: Prior to registering for StarSkate sessions, please review the session qualifications under the Figure Skating menu to ensure that your skater is qualified for the session you are registering for.
* Excludes Sept only STARSkate session, and half-year (FALL or WINTER) CanSkate and CanPowerSkate sessions.