Coach Erin (Lee) Boyd

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     Primary StarSkate Certified

Training / Education

  • CEP Silver Status
  • Many years of dance experience - Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop
  • Member of York University Varisty Dance Team 2005 & 2006

Coaching Objectives

  • To support my students in achieving their personal goals in skating.
  • Also to develop confidence in my skaters, and to teach them about goal setting and discipline while having fun and falling in love with the sport.


  • All disciplines of skating including, CanSkate Free Skate, Ice Dance, Skating Skills & Synchronized Skating. I place a large focus on developing stroking, strong base skating skills, and posture in my skaters.
  • Choreographer for all levels of skating, including Synchronized Skating.
  • Current coach of Synchronicity Beginner II & Elementary Synchronized Skating Teams

Skating Background

Skaters and Personal Accomplishments

  • Coach of the Year 2014, London Skating Club
  • Program Assistant of the Year 2004, London Skating Club
  • Currently coaching students from CanSkate to Senior; both test-stream and StarSkate skaters including skaters participating in the WO Development Team program and multiple LSC StarSkate award winners.