QSP Family Reading Magazine Subscription Fundraiser

** Order magazines year-round from online store **


  • We thank you and appreciate your participation. Every order counts, more than ever.
  • These funds will be used to support important goals and programs that benefit your children.
  • Over 600 magazine titles — there’s a great selection and something for everyone
    at a great value. Magazines like SI Kids, Canadian Living, Everyday with Rachel Ray, The Hockey News and more.
  • Renew your favourite subscription, order a NEW title, or give a Gift – Holiday Gift subscription cards are available. See order form for details.
  • Skaters receive cool prizes for all their hard work! Pick A Prize Program – sell and then select the prize you want based on the subscriptions sold. Important….Make sure to send your selection in with your order form!!
  • The PRICES ARE FANTASTIC – however if you have a “better offer” price coupon just attach it to the order form and pay that price! We want you to get the best deal possible, and the club to benefit from the sale.

Profit will be a 50/50 split between the families and the club. The more you sell the more credits you earn!  Credit will be given by March 2016.

Think this is too small to be worth it? See what this member says:

Last year my dad took my order form to his work and put it outside his office. He sold 13 magazines with over half of them being Christmas presents and many of the others renewals of magazines his fellow workers already subscribed to. Between those orders and a few I sold to family and friends I made $142.50 in credits!

How to Order:

 Order Magazines Online Year-Round:

  • Go to www.qsp.ca to order online.
  • Use your group Code: 3745304 and follow the instructions online.
  • Earn a prize just for sending 12 or more emails to friends and family.
  • NEW!!! Invite Facebook friends to support your skating club. Check it out at QSP.ca!!!!
  • Go Green! Paperless Fund Raising!
  • Easy pay with credit cards.
  • Shop 24 hours a day, year round.
  • Online orders are processed immediately, save up to 4-6 weeks delivery time.
  • Anyone from anywhere in Canada can help!


For more details and instructions to create your account to begin selling, see the attached:  London Skating Club QSP 2014.pdf

For more information, email Tina at tinafarren@hotmail.com