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Shelby Komarnicky along with Laura McGregor of the Exeter Skating Club passed their Gold test for Couples Interpretive on April 28th, becoming the first ever Club member to receive Gold status in this category.


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Every once in a while, Skate Canada sponsors have contests for the young skaters to participate in. Two London Skating Club members tried their part recently in the HomeSense Skating Spaces contest, and won the Central Region prize!! Holly Bilinski wrote the winning essay, and Shelby Komarnicky provided the bedroom under renovation picture (while Holly slept over). Each of the girls receive a $500 gift card to spend to improve their respective bedrooms.

LSC Newsletter 2006 March.pdf


January 29, 2005. These young skaters of the London Skating Club were captured as they prepared to perform in the 2005 Rotary Rink Ice Show at the Rotary Rink at the Covent Garden Market which featured Jennifer Robinson, the six-time Canadian Ladies Champion. Left to right are Shelby Komarnicky, Brittaney Everitt, Allison Tobin and Veronica Maurice.

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