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Selecting a Private Coach

At the London Skating Club, we are very proud of our coaching team.   All coaches are NCCP Certified members of Skate Canada (National Coaching Certification Program).   NCCP courses provide coaches with training in a wide variety of areas. Private lessons with a professional coach are a very important aspect of your child’s skating development. Please feel free to contact the coach of your choice directly for further information. We highly recommend every one!

Who can take private lessons?

All skaters - from beginners through to the highest competitive level - benefit from private instruction.

Skaters choose private instruction for a variety of reasons:

  • To help skaters to understand and develop his/her strengths
  • To target and improve areas of weakness
  • To assist skaters through the various test levels
  • To develop skills/talent in the various skating disciplines
  • For competitive skaters who wish to compete at recreational levels or higher

When are private lessons offered?

Private lessons are available on ALL London Skating Club Sessions* (*CanPower private instruction during open sessions only.)

Please keep in mind that the some sessions are group lessons already and your skater would need to be pulled from the group for a private lesson.   Lessons and lesson times are arranged directly through the coach of your choice.

How much do private lessons cost?

Private coaching depends on a number of variables:

  • The coach's area of discipline or expertise
  • The coach's years of experience
  • The coach's level of certificates with the National Coaching Certification Program

How do I choose a private coach?

  • Have a list of questions to ask the coach
  • Ask parents who already have a skater taking private lessons
  • Ask a board member for information
  • Call potential coaches to arrange an interview
  • Conduct an informal interview over the phone
  • Come out and watch private lessons to see skaters and coaches in action

Please note that it is the Parent and/or Skater's responsibility to initiate the discussion of private instruction.   LSC Coaches and Board Members may not directly refer a specific coach for private lessons nor solicit an arrangement for private lessons, as per the Skate Canada Code of Ethics.

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