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London Skating Club Gold Tests

Passing a gold test is a major accomplishment in skating, one we recognize and celebrate on this page. Over the 100+ years of the London Skating Club, many skaters have reached this major milestone. If you know of a skater that is missing from the list, please email the skaters name, gold test passed and the year the test was passed to


  2021-2023 Season (Gold Plaques awarded at the 2023 AGM & Awards night)
  Gold Artistic Avery Cox      
  Gold Skills Avery Cox Natalia Mills    
  2019-2020 Season (Gold Plaques awarded at the 2019 AGM & Awards night)
  Gold Artistic McKenna Spitzer      
  Gold Dances Adrianna James-Parker Jessica Foran Taite Hulet-Gatt  
  Gold Freeskate McKenna Spitzer ** Taite Hulet-Gatt    
  Gold Interpretive - couples Geneva Harold Laura Vancer    
  Gold Skills Beverly Dodge Louise Parker Isla St. John  
    Hailey Jennings      
  2018-2019 Season (Gold Plaques awarded at the 2019 AGM & Awards night)
  Gold Dances Maddie Chutte Nicole Gallo Gloria Devitt  
    Charilie Anderson Sarah Semchisim    
  Gold Freeskate Charlie Anderson Carrie Butterworth **    
  Gold Interpretive Eleonore Julien      
  Gold Interpretive - couples Carrie Butterworth **      
  Gold Skills Adrianna James-Parker Gloria Devitt    
  **award presented in 2019 by LSC, achieved outside of the club at an earlier date    
  2017-2018 Season (Gold Plaques awarded at the 2018 AGM & Awards night)
  Gold Dances Alicia Harris Emma Tiede Heather Crampton  
  Gold Freeskate Patricia Andrew      
  Gold Interpretive Laura Vancer Geneva Harold Heather Crampton  
    Shannon Brown-Campbell Maggie Ryan Julia Chadwick  
    Stephanie Baxley      
  Gold Skills Geneva Harold Zoe Espanol Shannon Brown-Campbell
    Esther VanGalen Taite Hulet Gatt Sarah Semchism  
  2016-2017 Season (Gold Plaques awarded at the 2017 AGM & Awards night)
  Gold Dances Danielle McDougall Vanessa Tran    
  Gold Freeskate Amu McMillian      
  Gold Interpretive Sarah Semchism Keira Van Dinther Catherine McLean  
    Natalie Turner Olivia Pellizzari    
  Gold Skills Laura Vancer Jessica Foran Nicole Gallo  
    Rachel Marshall Heather Crampton Keira Van Dinther  



  2015-2016 Season (Gold Plaques awarded at the 2016 AGM & Awards night)
  Gold Dances Deanna Gooden Abby Smith    
  Gold Interpretive Nicole Courtney Ericka Lumsden    
  Gold Interpretive-Couples Brooke Marshall Emily Galan Shelby Komarnicky  
  Gold Skills Julia Chadwick Olivia Pellizzari Nicole Kourtney  
    Kylie Smale      
  2014 - 2015 Season  
  Gold Dances Charlotte McLean Erin Lee    
  Gold Interpretive Haley Kriz Kaitlin Farren Shelby Kormarnicky  
    Erika Boudreau Erin Lee    
  Gold Free Skate Deanna Gooden Shelby Kormarnicky    
  Gold Skills Breanne Wilson Eleonore Julien Brooke Northey  
  2013 - 2014 Season  
  Gold Dances Cassandra Harris      
  Gold Free Skate Brittaney Everitt      
  Gold Interpretive Brooke Northey Emma Tiede Pam Carrothers  
    Maddison Chute Kabrena Riley Alicia Harris  
    Danielle McDougall      
  Gold Skills Alicia Haris Stephanie Gibson Maddison Chute  
    Angela Lee Emma Tiede Emme Chute  
  2012 - 2013 Season  
  Gold Dances Shelby Crampton Jenna Zaleski Laura Whaley  
    Brooke Marshall      
  Gold Interpretive Christine Guolla      
  Gold Skills Deanna Gooden Danielle McDougal Shayna Smith  
    Katie Graham Anna McMullin Tamara Smith  
  2011 - 2012 Season  
  Gold Dances Pam Carrothers Katie Graham    
  Gold Interpretive Emily Galan Kiney Greenfield Shelby Crampton  
    Brooke Marshall      
  Gold Skills Natalie Kenzie Abby Smilh Vanessa Tran  
    Kabrena Riley Madeline Tobin    
  2010 - 2011 Season  
  Gold Dances Kasey Farmer      
  Gold Interpretive Shari Spada Clarisse Fata    
  Gold Skills Shelby Crampton Shelby Komarnicky Brooke Marshall  
    Kylie MacDonald Lynn Gierszewski Anda Rogers  
  2009 - 2010 Season  
  Gold Interpretive George Tzortzis Ashley Hayward    
  Gold Skills Alesandria Desando Shelby Nielson George Tzortzis  
    Clarisse Fata Cassandra Harris Alexa Pravongviengkham
  2008 - 2009 Season  
  Gold Dances Kayleigh Nicol Kailey Dolphin Jamie Oderkirk  
    Kellie Marr      
  Gold Interpretive Kasey Farmer Natasha Dolbeck Nathan Tobola  
    Stephanie Neale      
  Gold Skills Holly Bilinski Laura Whaley    
  2007 - 2008 Season  
  Gold Interpretive Kailey Dolphin      
  Gold Skills Brittany Barlett Randilyn Secord Scott Botsford  
    Kara Kubinec Emily Galan Courtney Strom  
  2006 - 2007 Season  
  Gold Dances Andrea Clement Robyn Banfield Allison Proudfoot  
  Gold Interpretive Kellie Marr Allison Proudfoot    
  Gold Skills Robyn Banfield Alex Krauel Jenna Zaleski  
    Marissa Bradley Kayleigh Nichol Andrea Clement  
    Michalia Botsford Meghan Harris    
  2005 - 2006 Season  
  Gold Dances Kailey Dolphine      
  Gold Skills Candace Evans      
  2004 - 2005 Season  
  Gold Dances Kristyn Gain      
  Gold Free Skate Kellie Marr      
  Gold Interpretive Julia Horan Cara Horan    
  Gold Skills Kellie Marr Erin Lee    
  2003 - 2004 Season  
  Gold Dances Cara Horan Sarah Ready Stephanie Buono  
    Julia Horan Asley Hayward    
  Gold Free Skate Stephanie Buono Julia Horan Asley Hayward  
  Gold Skills Stephanie Ptak Tiffany Nugent    
  2002 - 2003 Season  
  Gold Dances Candace Evans      
  Gold Free Skate        
  Gold Interpretive        
  Gold Skills Kasey Farmer Allison Proudfoot Cara Horan  
    Candace Evans Ashley Hayward Julia Horan  
  1994 - 1995 Season  
  Gold Dances Michelle Irwin Adrianna DiNucci    
  Gold Free Skate Ryan Stirling      
  Gold Artisic Adrianna DiNucci      
  1990 - 1991 Season  
  Gold Free Skate Rebecca Harvey      
  Gold Figures Kelly Alguire      
  1989 - 1990 Season  
  Gold Dances Rebecca Harvey      
  1984 - 1985 Season  
  Gold Dances Candice Lowry      
  Gold Free Skate Heather Crampton                           










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