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AdultSkate FAQs:

I am a student at Western, but cannot commit to every Thursday morning. Can I guest skate?

Yes, guest skating is available. To guest skate, you must first register with Skate Canada and pay the membership fee (valid from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015). If you are not already a member, you can register now using our on-line registration utility. Once registered, you can come to any of the adult sessions (Thursday at Thompson Arena or Sundays at Nichols Arena) and pay the guest skating fee. 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

All beginner skaters must wear a helmet until they complete Stage 5 in the CanSkate program.  We advise that you consider taking lessons in order to learn the skills in various stages, or to be assessed to see if you can remove your helmet.  See our Helmet Use Policy for more information.

What are the guest skating fees for adult sessions?

There are two payment options for skaters on the Thursday morning AdultSkate and Sunday afternoon AdultSkate sessions: $25 for a full session, or $10 per half hour (or part thereof).  Guest skate fees must be paid to the AdultSkate coordinator when you get on the ice, and sign the guest sheet and the sheet for emergency contact.

Adult skaters wishing to skate on any of our other StarSkate sessions must pay $10 per half hour (or part thereof) to the music boy upon stepping on the ice. These skaters should also contact the office well in advance of the preferred date, to verify there is room on the desired session.

Do I need to pay for parking at Thompson Arena?

No. Free Parking is available on Thursday mornings in the parking lot in front of the Thompson arena entrance at Western University. Mention to the parking attendant that you are going skating at the Adult skating session.  She/he will open the gate for you. We recommend that you park as close to the arena as possible. Like anywhere you park please do not leave anything visible in the vehicle and lock the doors.
The London Skating Club, its directors, employees and coaches or Western University of Canada and the Thompson Recreation & Athletic Centre shall not be held responsible for any accident, injury, death or loss of personal property however caused.

Are there dressing rooms?

Yes, dressing rooms are available at both arenas:

At Thompson arena:  Look at the bottom of the stairs. They usually post which room the London Skating Club (LSC) is in. Go down the hall. Bring your valuables to the bench in the arena while you skate.

At Nichols arena: The dressing room number will be posted on the white board inside the main doors, before every AdultSkate session. Dressing room number may change from week to week.

How is the schedule break-down?

At Thompson arena, we start with stroking for everyone. This is followed by 45 min. free skate, followed by ice dancing.  At Nichols arena, stroking is at the end of the session, after ice dancing.

Ice etiquette:

During free skate you can do skills, free skate, and Interpretive solos. Spins are done in the middle and jumps on the end. Every ten minutes or so, please look around to see who is having a lesson. During dance, patterns are executed. Respecting the patterns done to music please give some room to the dancers. Not everyone can do them full speed. If you do not dance you can work on footwork, transition steps. Keep head up and be aware.  Please respect that some of the skaters are seriously working on tests and others aspire to compete.

Can I have my music played?

Yes, you may request music.

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