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Session Qualifications

updated Feb 3, 2015 for Spring 2015 sessions

CanSkate: Skate Canada’s Learn to Skate program, for children and adults

PreCanSkate: A learn to skate program for children 3 to 5 years of age, with little or no skating experience. Skaters are introduced to the basics of skating in a fun, friendly manner. Session includes a short off-ice warm-up to further develop the skating fundamentals. Skaters progress directly into the main CanSkate program upon mastering the PreCanSkate skills. CSA approved hockey helmets are MANDATORY and face masks are highly recommended for ALL PreCanSkate sessions.
CanSkate:  A learn to skate program for skaters aged 5 and up who have not passed Stage 6 of CanSkate, and skaters aged 3 & 4 who have passed PreCanSkate. Upon completing Stage 4, CanSkaters can choose to remain on CanSkate sessions to complete Stage 5 & 6, OR they may complete Stages 5 & 6 as PrePreliminary skaters on the PrePreliminary/Preliminary group figure skating sessions.  Group lessons are provided by NCCP certified Skate Canada coaches. CanSkate skills are divided into stages. Skaters are placed into groups according to the stage they are working on. Skills are assessed on a continuous basis, with badges/ribbons are awarded when all the skills at a particular stage have been achieved. CSA approved hockey helmets are MANDATORY and face masks are highly recommended for ALL CanSkate sessions (including Adults/Teens) until completion of CanSkate Stage 5. Hockey equipment may be worn once skaters can move comfortably on the ice. Check the website for a list of coaches who are available for private lessons if parents wish additional instruction for their skater. 
CanSkate (Adults/Teens): For beginner skaters age 14 and up, interested in developing skating skills for recreational skating/exercise, or for eventually playing hockey or figure skating. Adults/teens are welcome to skate on ANY CanSkate session, BUT will be placed in their own group only on designated sessions – this spring, on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  CSA approved hockey helmets are MANDATORY and face masks are highly recommended for ALL CanSkate sessions (including Adults/Teens) until completion of CanSkate Stage 5.

CanPowerSkate: Power Skating for Hockey and Ringette Development (Fall/Winter only)

CanPowerSkate: CanPowerskate is an action packed, high energy instructional power skating program geared to those skaters interested in or already involved in hockey and ringette that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. As skaters progress through the CanPowerSkate program, qualifications will change for each CanPower session.
Qualifications for the 2014 Fall/Winter program are:
CanPowerSkate Session I: For players working on CanPowerSkate Level 1, or have not achieved Level 2 Bronze, or Tyke/Novice/Atom age, or at the discretion of the coach.  Skaters must have basic forward and backward skating skills (be able to skate the length of the rink using alternate strides), and be able to stop on command without use of the boards.
CanPowerSkate Session II: For players that have passed Level 2 Bronze, working on Level 2 Silver or Gold, or Levels 3-6, or PeeWee/Bantam/Midget age, or at the discretion of the coach.

STARSkate (Figure Skating):


Group Lessons:

PrePreliminary STARSkaters will complete CanSkate Stages 5 & 6 in group figure skating lessons. Upon completion of CanSkate stage 6, the skater may continue to skate on a group session as a Preliminary skater until completion of the Junior Bronze Dance Test (includes Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango, AND Willow Waltz).  

Private Sessions:

A skater may skate on a Preliminary StarSkate private session (eg. Prelim/Junior on Sunday mornings in Fall/Winter, or Thursday evenings in Spring) upon completion of CanSkate Stage 6 AND upon approval of the skater’s private coach (due to safety reasons).


Junior STARSkate consists of two levels, Junior A and Junior B. Those who meet Junior A qualifications will be allowed to skate on a Preliminary/Junior or Junior session. Those who meet the Junior B qualifications can additionally skate on the Junior/Senior sessions. This is to address the gap between the entry level Juniors and the more competitive Senior skaters in the club.

Junior A:

  • Complete Preliminary Dance test (includes Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango AND Baby Blues), OR
  • Preliminary Skills successfully tested
  • OR the skater can consistently execute and land the following jumps (as determined by their base coach): waltz/salchow/toe loop

Junior B:

  • Complete Junior Bronze Dance test (includes Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango, AND Willow Waltz),OR
  • Junior Bronze Skills successfully tested, OR
  • the skater can consistently execute and land the following jumps (as determined by their base coach): lutz/loop/flip

* to skate on a Junior/Senior combined session you must meet these qualifications *


  • Complete Junior Silver Dance test (including Keats Foxtrot, Rocker Foxtrot, Harris Tango & American Waltz), OR
  • Junior Silver Skills successfully tested, OR
  • Junior Bronze FreeSkate successfully tested (both elements/solo), OR
  • Junior Bronze FreeSkate Elements only IF a skater has plans to compete in an out-of-club solo or partner (pairs or dance) competition in the upcoming year that precludes completion of the complete Junior Bronze FreeSkate test.

Open (Fall/Winter ONLY):

Session is open to ALL Preliminary, Junior, Senior and adult STARSkaters with a private coach. Preliminary STARSkaters must have passed CanSkate Stage 5 to skate unaccompanied on this session. CanSkate (Stage 5 and under) and CanPowerSkate skaters can also skate on a portion of this ice, provided they are accompanied by a private coach at all times. CanSkaters and CanPowerSkaters (adults included) must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet until completion of CanSkate Stage 5.

Adult StarSkate:

Adult skaters aged 18 and up, looking to stay fit, develop flexibility, and learn a lifelong skill. Included with the registration fee is a group stroking session conducted by a NCCP certified professional Skate Canada Coach. Time is allotted for separate Free Style and Dance segments during the session. Group and private lessons are also available to all skaters from our coaches at a fee payable to the coach at the time of the lesson.

Adult skaters with a current Skate Canada membership may also qualify to skate on any STARSkate session by contacting the London Skating Club office for current session availability and qualifications.

Required equipment: Adult skaters must wear CSA approved helmets until completion of CanSkate Stage 5.

Ticket Ice:

CanSkate & Preliminary STARSkate level skaters MUST have their private coach on the ice with them at all times. Skaters in STARSkate Junior and Senior MUST have an adult/guardian present at all times.